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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are your delivery rates?
    Rates are service dependent but typically start at R50 per delivery for the first 3 km and R5 for every additional km. This is usually discussed as part of the sign up process.
  • What sort of products can I ship using your service?
    Essentially anything that fits in the back of a bike box (680 mm x 535 mm x 420 mm) and weigh less than 10kg. For context, you can fit approximately 4 x shopping bags in a standard box.
  • What if I have my own driver/s?
    You are welcome to migrate your drivers over to our platform, we can help you in this regard as part of our activation process. We have a simple QR code that enables them to download the OneAppD App.
  • What happens if my product goes missing or gets damaged by a OneAppD driver
    In the event of high value products we do recommend you get insurance for this, we do however offer limited liability if it was proven negligence on the part of OneAppD.
  • What do I need to activate your service for my store?
    You just need a computer / device with internet which you can use to capture your delivery requests on. We recommend at least a 10 inch screen for ease of use.
  • What is required from me for set up of my store?
    Simply register on our registration page, we will be in contact to create your profile and assist you with your first few orders
  • How do I know if your service is available in my area?
    We have drivers nationally and already serve all major metros, in the event where your area is not yet live we are able to start up a service anywhere in South Africa within 7 days. Please register using our registration page and we’ll update you on the status for your area.
  • How far do you deliver
    We focus primarily on Hyperlocal delivery zones, which is anything within a 15 km radius from your location.
  • What if we have a problem with a delivery, who can we call?
    We have a dedicated call centre who will be available to support you with any queries you may have.
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