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Tired of giving away your profits and customers to your delivery partners? Let us set up and run your own delivery service. 

Latest tech, best drivers, no fixed overheads, have your cake and eat it too!

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Goodbye, Unreliable delivery.

Hello, satisfied customers.

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Meet OneAppD:
South Africa's

game-changer in food delivery. 

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Ditch commissions
Win Customers

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No Commission
Flat fee starting at R35 per order*
No contracts
Cancel anytime. No minimum orders
Super fast
Average delivery time is 32 minutes
Reliable drivers
Rated & Vetted
* Delivery fee depends on distance from store
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The only Delivery App you need

OneAppD - The ONLY Delivery App you need
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Delivery is easy

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Receive orders from customers

Take orders directly from customers via Whatsapp, email or phone orders. 

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Enter delivery details into the platform

Instant pickup, scheduled deliveries and multi-stop options

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Send food out for delivery

Reliable, fast pickup with realtime alerts to customers

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Fast, reliable service. Food was still hot!

So impressed. 

                   Jade Smith

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Delight your customers with a delivery experience as extraordinary as your product

Customer satisfaction is your top priority. Make sure delivery meets your standards with robust driver control features.

Blacklist drivers that don’t meet your standards


Send delivery requests to only drivers on your priority list


Rate drivers’ performance & view ratings from other establishments

Got your own in-house drivers or favorite local drivers?

Let your drivers download the driver's app. Then use the platform to manage, schedule, track and pay your drivers with a central, simple dashboard.

Why savvy, profit-driven restaurants choose OneAppD over other delivery apps

Save up to 50% on delivery fees

Pay a R35 flat fee per delivery (within a 5km radius.) . No commissions. No hidden fees. Keep your online prices the same as your in-store menu prices — and still make profits.


Pay (on average) 30% of the order value in commission and delivery costs on UberEats and MrD. Customers pay more, and you make less profit per order. 

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Be confident of driver standards

Enjoy complete control over who delivers orders. Blacklist drivers that don’t meet your standards. Choose to send delivery requests to your approved driver list. 

3rd party apps don’t let you choose the driver. You never know who’ll show up or if they’ll deliver your food professionally, quickly and reliably.

Accept orders from any channel

Take orders from whatsapp, phone, email or online; and schedule delivery on the super simple platform. And, you get full access to your customers’ data at all times. 

3rd party apps lock you into their system. You’re forced to route orders by phone, email, or WhatsApp through their app, forcing you to pay high delivery costs and lose customer data

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Everything you need to provide a 5-star
delivery service

One central dashboard. No tech integrations. Set up in minutes. 

Live tracking

Track drivers in real-time, and keep your customers in the know with a delivery tracking link. No more phoning to find out where they are.

Automatic real-time updates

Keep your customers thrilled with SMS updates and accurate ETAs. No more phone calls from customers asking where their order is.

Delivery scheduling

Instant pickup or schedule in advance. Send multiple orders in one trip. Busy kitchen? schedule your driver collection or pick up
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Customer Data

Turn happy customers into loyal fans. Promote specials and build loyalty with complete access to all customer information
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Route optimisation

Guarantees the most cost-effective and efficient delivery route. No more wasting money on badly planned routes.
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Central dashboard 

Manage & track all deliveries in one place. No more using manual, messy spreadsheets to schedule drivers.
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Pedros Flame Grilled Chicken

"We've had an increase in our store turnover from the time we started with our in-store home deliveries"

Navin Dhawraj, Commercial manager, Pedros

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Pedros is a popular fast food outlet that disrupting the fast food market by combining a strong, consistent product with the coolest clucking chicken brand on the market. It is fast growing to be one of SA's favourite grilled chicken fast food brand

Pedros Flame Grilled Chicken

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39 Min average delivery time

10 000+ deliveries since starting in March 2023

Delivering for 6 stores in main metros

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Hear It from Our Customers

"We have a very good relationship with the Senior Managers and their support team. They are not scared of getting their hands dirty when the flame is too high at Pedros. We have also seen an increase in our store turnover from the time they started with our in-store home deliveries. Looking forward to a long and fruitful partnership"

Navin Dhawraj, Commercial manager, Pedros

Powered by Tech.
Driven by People.

Network of 800+ drivers

Live customer support

Easy, intuitive interface

1 Million deliveries in last 12 months

32 min average delivery time

Trusted by local restaurants and national franchises

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Ready to say goodbye to the stressful,  overpriced and unreliable delivery options?

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